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Welcome to Click Quick, based at Copperfield Village in Paraparaumu Beach, on the stunning Kapiti Coast.  At Click Quick, we are passionate about smart, scalable IT solutions, with a strong commitment to excellence in customer care.

As a small business ourselves, we know that your time is precious.  That’s why we work collaboratively with businesses to work out exactly where technology can help you save time and become more efficient, within the limitations of your specific budget.

We believe that technology and innovation should empower your business, not burden it.  Talk to Click Quick today for all your IT Business Solutions needs.

Click Quick – Helping You Work Smarter – Not Harder

Helping Your Business Meet Significant Challenges

Growing Pains

As your business thrives, it’s inevitable that new challenges will crop up.

Growing your success means applying due forethought and making smart decisions, not only about your business processes, but about security and scalability.

Click Quick can help your business move from 1 or 2 person outfits to established Small / Medium Enterprise operations, providing scalable IT solutions, appropriately pitched user training and ongoing support and consultancy as your business continues to grow and face fresh challenges along the way.

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IT exists to enable your business, right?  There’s a mind-blowing level of choice out there when it comes to productivity solutions, including Software as a Service solutions, natively installed software or high powered hardware to ensure faster, more reliable service.

Picking your way through the minefield to find the best solution for your needs can be tough even for savvy IT professionals.  We’re here to make the whole experience easier and soothe your worries about making the ‘wrong’ decision.

We work collaboratively with your staff, as well as existing service providers and consultants to help you make the most appropriate choices within your explicit budget, often saving you cost and pain down the line.

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It’s doomsday at office HQ: everything has gone belly up with your IT and / or computer hardware.  All your hard work is lost, and consequently, the business is in ruin.

This doesn’t have to be the case.  Smart IT planning can prevent annoyances from blossoming into full blown calamities.

Whether it’s ensuring restorable cloned images of your desktop builds are readily available and swiftly deployed, sourcing replacement hardware (for example after a burglary), or restoring ‘lost’ data from an appropriate cloud solution, Click Quick are here to provide disaster recovery options to ensure business continuity.

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What our clients say about us...

Linkeight - Jeremy Robbie

What was the biggest challenge you faced? For me, I am time poor. Recently I was due to a laptop upgrade, Henry took charge of this action, made recommendations and followed through with commissioning the new laptop and streamlining our online systems (Microsoft OneDrive). How did working with me overcome that challenge? He took the "monkey off my shoulders" and delivered a seamless change over from my old laptop to the new one. What have been your results so far? Time. Without being able to call on Henry I would have struggled to do such a simple task so quickly. This took Henry less than a day and enabled me to carry on with making money. What had the most impact in working with me? Henry's extensive knowledge of operating systems became very clear as he made a suggestion after suggestion in order to help me streamline my processes. We will be working together in the future.

ensoul yoga studio

Just want to give a great big shout out and personal review of Click Quick, Henry Kruger help me resolve my work PC issues today. From the initial phone call he was at our business premises in a flash and resolved our PC issues within mins. I think of myself as capable with computers but this one stumped me, Henry's knowledge is immense and his advice priceless. If you need any help with IT, he is your man!